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GEA Farm Technologies

GEA Farm Technologies & Westfalia Surge

GEA Farm Technologies

Waterford FRS are key dealers for GEA Farm Technologies & Westfalia Surge, Europe's leading dairy equipment manufacturer, in the south-east. GEA Farm Technologies encompasses well-known brands such as Westfalia Surge, Agroserve & Royal De Boer offering a total solutions package. GEA FT is one of the world's leading manufacturers of technical innovations, integrated product solutions, and effective animal hygiene products for cost efficient milk production.

Milking MachinesWestfaliaSurge has been developing and manufacturing milking equipment for over 100 years, and is renowned worldwide for the quality and reliability of their products. They are at the forefront of milking expertise, and at Waterford FRS we ensure that our engineers and sales consultants keep abreast of innovations to enable our customers to benefit from the latest technology.

Waterford FRS now supplying milking and cooling equipment, chemicals, supplies and spare parts for the dairy farming industry:

  • Farm EquipmentParlour supplies
    • Liners
    • Milk tubing
    • Claw pieces
    • Pumps
    • Paper towels
    • Milk filters
    • Hand cleaners
    • Generic disinfectants
    FRS Total Hygiene Management
    As Dairy Hygiene specialists we offer a wide range of circulation cleaners, sanitisers, pre and post milking preparations. A trouble shooting service is available for TBC and SCC problems and advice and guidance is always
    Dairy Hygiene available. Serving Irish dairy farmers for the past 40 years ensuring the highest milk quality.

    TBC Management
    Ensuring low TBC is one of our priorities, with the correct wash routine these results are more achievable than you think.
    Morning : Hot detergent wash, circulate for 8-10mins, above 54°.
    Evening : Acid wash with a detergent blend to ensure both organic & inorganic material has been removed.

      Product Usage
    Morning Autoklene 200ml/40L
    Evening Acidsan 200ml/40L

    Cost per Day 10 unit parlour - €1.38 / 20 unit parlour - €2.76

    Overcoming Mastitis
    Costs of clinical mastitis €56 / per incident.
    Subclinical €5,397 @ average bulk milk SCC 200,000
    *Assume 10% clinical in 100 cow herd = €560 + €5,397 = €5,957 (*Moorepark Research)
    How? Stop the spread of infection : pre dip/spray and dry wipe, wear gloves and spray gloves regularly, disinfect clusters between milking's, post dip/spray.

    Total Udder Hygiene
    Pre : Clinifoam, Pre wipes, Dermatex (Reusable wipes)
    Post : Ioguard, Hexaguard, LuxDip 50B, SensoSpray 50, SensoDip 50.

    To view our full range of quality hygiene products for the Irish dairy farming industry please view our Agroserve Brochure (.pdf file)

    GEA Sure FlushGEA Sureflush

    • Quick and easy to install
    • Suits most manufacturer's systems
    • Vigorous flushing action effectively sanitises milk tube, claw and liners
    • High flushing volume
    • Totally consistent volumes of water & pressure
    • Unique anti-syphon valve stops water / chemical mix getting into milk-lines.
    • Unique versions for Swingover, high-level, low-level, double-up & rotary parlour.
    Sureflush Installed No of cows SCC before SCC after
    3 Months 185 370,000 220,000
    12 Months 170 250,000 130,000
    6 Months 200 320,000 190,000
    9 Months 100 300,000 139,000

    Select and Implement hygiene and maintenance systems to maximise profitability in your dairy unit. Contact our sales and service Manager, John Kelly on 087 2542275 Or Call Co. Waterford FRS on 051- 294277, email

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